My path in life has not always been clear. However, through my involvement with motorsports, I have realized that I have a passion for engineering. It is this passion that has brought me to where I am today, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. A long road lies ahead, but someday I hope to work in automotive or aerospace research and development.

Although automotive interests make up a large portion of my academic and personal interests, I am drawn to almost any pursuit that presents a creative, technical, or physical challenge. I have always been interested in photography; both the creative and technical processes involved in freezing moments in time. I am also an athlete by nature. Staying in shape requires a lot of discipline, both in the gym and at the dinner table. I enjoy weightlifting, cycling, racquetball and team sports.

One of the best things about being involved in such varied hobbies is that I get to meet very different people. The people I meet in school, the people I meet at car shows or tuner shops, and the people I meet at concerts or art exhibitions are rarely the same sort. I value my interactions with such diverse groups as it gives me broad perspective.

Currently, my studies occupy the majority of my time. When I have time, I try to contribute to the Formula SAE team and can sometimes be found at local speed shops tuning cars.


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